Look for more upcoming “Paint your Pet” Events in May 

This is a Non-Alcoholic Event. Complimentary Soft Drinks & Easter Treats! Registration can also be made by phone (850)533-3632

Fri Mar 3 0

Paint Your Breed

Register first, then call (850)533-3632 or message us your pet breed by March 29th. Your pet breed will be traced on your canvas in advance.

Register first, then call or text message us (850)533-3632 with your # choice! Your 8″x10″ canvas is pre-traced in advance! This is a Non-Alcoholic Event

Sat Mar 3 1


Bring Only yourself, Complimentary Wine & Munchies will be served! Early Registration is recommended! Registration can also be made via phone at (850)533-3632


Join us & Paint the Difference at Splash… Where the choices are endless and the wine is priceless!

 Locally owned and operated by Artists Lisa Fretina and Ron Tona since 2014

We are passionate about what we do as well as being original and most of all, we aim to please!

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